Don't forget to write in order comment if you "need 2nd WBO2 sensor inputs"

[WBO2 connector available here]

Calibration of 2nd sensor in VemsTune Tools / Wideband calibration (as usual, see VemsTune help)

Don't forget to change config.wbo2_calibration when you change sensor. GenBoard/VerThree has a precise calibration scheme, that depends on setting this ('soft') variable, and it does not read the (hardware) RCal in the sensor housing. (although GenBoard/VerThree can be used as a repair-station WBO2 controller, it's primary goal is engine management, where you rarely change sensor: LSU4 lasts for >100000 km)

WBO2 Connector Sources - are these solved perfectly now ?

The current source for WideBand connectors is waay too expensive.

The plug (is it the male or the female?) says tyco >PBT-GF30< 0-1475050-1

I queried tyco (they couldn't answer easier questions earlier, but we'll see).

The counter part female connector of LSU4 is made by Sumitomo.

Connectors for this sensor (2 rows of 3 pins) Can be purchased from www.impexfap.com, 1stvwparts.com, or a local VW dealer. Prices are a bit high. 1stvwparts.com is the lowest of the 3.

Connector part numbers:

TODO: Some more WBO2 (2x3) female research would be nice.