Developer subpage of WebShop/UnderDevelopment/OfBiz

Ofbiz consultant (either company or individual) is wanted (professional services).

We would like to use ofbiz with a minimal functionality (really limited functionality compared to ofbiz' impressive featureset). But we have some small but showstopper problems. When trying new versions (from ofbiz svn trunk), one function gets fixed and one other breaks. We haven't found any version that suits our needs. (we would stop trying new version immediately, of course)

Maybe our data import (some party, contactmech, product and inventory-item, etc.. from earlier migration, mostly masterdata, without any transactional data) is partially incomplete. Eg. newly created facility / party works better for inventory-transfer than facility / party from our data-import. Hard to tell the difference (though the webtools/data maintenance is nice). We strongly believe that it's only some minor issue, maybe solvable by some dummy-fk-s, but if it turns out too bad, than we can drop the data and recreate it manually (maybe with the assistance of some csv => XML import wizard).


PLEASE WRITE HERE IF YOU KNOW OF A BUSINESS OR INDIVIDUAL WHO SUPPORTS OFBIZ. EU or Eastern-Europe is favored, but there are no geographic boundaries for this.

Below are the functions we want to use

Descriptions need not be detailed as click on... by default, but should determine what we need. If you think something is not obvious, just make it more detailed (or ask question if it seems very hard).


Create a product - simple from Catalog module (warning: ... must be set ...)

Put a product into a category - eg. electronically controlled solenoid

Create inventory for a product - also possible from Facility

List Associations for a product - simple from product screen

Create association for a product - simple

Create prices for a product - selling and purchase (from given distributor)


New facility - create facility

List inventories - simple from Facility, Inventory. Also possible from product

Inventory variance for a product

Planned Inventory transfer

Inventory transfer status change: Sent out (note: inventory updated at origin)

Inventory transfer status change: Received (completed) (note: inventory updated at destination)


Create Manufacturing BOM relation between products

Create Engineering BOM relation between products - for CompenSation/Distribution

The above are Associations, so possible from the "Product Associations" as well.

Schedule manufacturing run

List "Manufacturing BOM" items that are not available or on order in needed quantity

This is postponed for now, until we get all the above working. There is also chance that the tree-data is stored in textfile, and reports generated with standalone (java,C or PERL) app. The algorithm is really simple.

List Engineering BOM percentages for a given facility for CompenSation/Distribution.