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Audi AAN and 3B boxes are sent out with base map with applied changes as requested in the order comment.

Before working on a device, ALWAYS save, and ARCHIVE the config .vemscfg file to a safe place.

NOT NEEDED ANY LONGER, just left for reference

Even older method [here].

Simplified "Audi Quick start" method below was available since VemsTune 2011-04-22. It was primarily used when the factory config was not saved, than messed up (for 3B and AAN engines with certain injectors, with or without cam-HALL inverter and certain ignition output setups).

VemsTune menu was moved to: Tools/Firmware/Audi config upload (previously under File/project)


  • Example to upload project files that have been prepared (usually by the install supervisor or power-users) for certain (family of) setups. "Family" means: usually the trigger, IAC and other parameters are the same. There might be chosable options, like for injector size, cam-HALL example yes/no, or for ignition output setup (AAN/3B).