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Upgrading firmware requires some hardware and software preparations.

Hardware preparations - IMPORTANT:

When uploading new firmware to a controller (even with a motronic55 connector!), to prevent filling cylinders with fuel or possible igncoil or igndriver damage:

Software preparations

GenBoard/UnderDevelopment/FirmwareChanges lists changes between versions. When upgrading from 1.1.27 to 1.1.56, dozens of entries contain a lot of (sometimes boring or even hard-to-understand) changes.

Before 2009-06-30 the following steps applied (briefly):

Since 2009-06-30 VemsTune can fill in the missing variables with "reasonable defaults" for 1.1.56 or newer firmware. This makes upgrades simpler, and far less likely for someone to have noise in MAT/TPS retard or MAT/TPS enrichment tables. It is still recommended to review dialogs and tables.

This tutorial shows how to upgrade the firmware in your ECU.

The first step is to download the needed firmware version.

You can do it by VemsTune with the "Firmware web tool" ( Tools menu/ Firmware).


The usage of Firmware web tool:

1.Click on the needed version on the left side

2.Push the Download button

3.Click on the firmware on the right side

4.Push the (Re)Install Firmware button


Next you have to connect to the ECU with VemsTune

Save your config with "Config Download" ( Tools menu/ Firmware )

It is recommended to make a backup copy with some notes from the config.

The location of the saved config file shown on the main window of VemsTune


Now you can make the upgrade with "Firmware upload" ( Tools menu/ Firmware )


After finished the firmware upload it is recommended to resart the ECU

At this time you have the new firmware and an absolutly unworkable config on the ECU, NEVER try to go with it!!!

The next step is to upload your config with "Config upload"

this can configure all new variables to default which is missing from your old config


The last and the most important step is to verify and calibrate the configuration with the VemsTune