Developer page for a small yet powerful helper board

This board will fill the gap in the low-end area.

Suggestions for functions:

that can also be used in production for several simple tasks (the common proto-boards with 2-line headers are hard to protect for reliable operation in production).




Notable application exception is AudiTrigger? (or tractioncontrol input), as that requires LM1815.



Old stuff:

This [image] shows that

Would fit without a button (and without max232 of course). Maybe with 0603, surely with 0402. Could be used for lotsof other interesting tasks as well.


2xDB25 connectors (one at both ends, preferrably a male and a female) and boardsize that fits into standard DB25 => DB25 adapter housing. Note that there is crimpable DB25 for the wire side (soldering has drawbacks).

Given the size of the board and total of 50 pins (of max 5A current each) the connector won't be the limiting factor.

Size: - different from [this drawing we found]

case material:

Why? Possible applications

Note that the big, relatively expensive and powerful boards like v3 with the aviation-grade connector with housing that seals even though it is reparable is too bulky for

HW features - in brainstorming phase

HW leftoff

A notebook or PDA (or other boards) can talk to it, but directly only through PS2 an LCD (not internal buttons or LEDs).

Some GPIO pins can be used to reflect internal state (error code, etc...) so state can be checked easily with external LEDs or DVM.


The drawback of ARM is the split power supply.

5V output is needed for:

5V output NOT needed for:

In my opinion a logic chip (extremely low price and acceptable footprint; probably just one) like the 259 is suitable to provide the 5V output (for the RC filter of analog output and FET gates). Add 2 small regulators.

With ARM, CAN is possible, and many more advanced features. Now I vote for ARM, but we can continue the function-mapping (considering other boards and overall coverage): maybe AVR is a better choice. But which AVR? Jorgen says (why not write here???) same as AfreshTiny (Atmega8)

Note that there is a big competitor, VemsFrontier/ArmUfo which will be more useful (but will not fit into the DB25-25 adapter housing). So this board can just as well be AVR ... hard to decide...

Binary locking

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