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Because of time pressure ( WBO2 , display, ArmEfi? design ):

Finalization of round potting

outer dia

Outer dia was chosen as outerdia_nominal=51.85mm (min 51.8 .. max 51.9mm) because noone confirmed that 52mm is safe. Unfortunately outerdia=51.85mm is rather etched in stone for the first 500 cases. The reason is the 55.0 and 52.0 mm tools to hold the 2 ends of the CNC-ed piece has arrived and if we want outerdia=51.2mm a new tool must be ordered. Only cost about 100 Euro, but it takes about 7 days to arrive from Germany. In any case, if we decide about manufacturing outerdia=51.2mm we should decide ASAP.

internal diameter

TODO: determine final size: 48.5 mm? or 48.6 mm ?


Free to change. Don't shrink the internal dia with more than 1mm because it effects look.

total height of the assembled board

12mm seems to be worstcase (BA56-126GWA display), so 13 .. 15mm internal space should be very safe (17mm in first batch, and even more available with glue instead of endplate). This can be changed freely at this stage

Cases based on 120x40x2.5mm profile - everything is ready for the manufacture but we delay it a bit

Unfortunately this case will not fit for high-end VemsFrontier/ArmEfi with SAAB70 or alike connector. But good fit for still high functionality EC36 products (that will cover 80% of controller sales for a long time):

EC36 based ARM fuel-injection capable armufo board will be sent in at the same time (or sooner) as the big full-featured SAAB70 armefi ECM


Candidates - for future

I have some CAM software that can generate most controller code, and have CAD skills (See my members page). I can get prototypes sorted free of charge.


Desperate last-minute help - quick survey - what size is yours ?

Rumours have it that some manufacturers don't obey standards. To make sure the round display case fits in your gauge panel, we'd like some help with measurements.

If you have a "52 mm" gauge or a gauge panel, (and a caliper) please measure the diameter. Also, write a few words of description.


gauge panel - this is what counts actually