VEMS Executives are persons who

Requirements for executives

Executives are NOT (necessarily)

Why we need department executives

We are serious about MakeMoney and CompenSation/Distribution but one person cannot and should not try to coordinate and judge everything because that cannot work for a team as big and powerful as VEMS

Although VEMS produces mostly open source software and hardware with open source methods and distributed style, some organization is needed to get the best out of the work that we already put in it and we're putting into VEMS.

For the same amount of work, some organization makes the difference between

We must move from the second to the first. It might happen by itself slowly, but if we want results within months / years, we must act.


Departments are resposible to make:

To achive these, there are some unavoidable tasks:

Notable exceptions are

Needless to say

Not etched in stone forever

Anyone, please raise your voice if you strongly disagree with something. Better yet, act up, and there is great chance you'll be executive in a 3..4 months.

For every department, we'll need a vice executive too. It is important, so the vice executive knows about everything and can jump into action should it be needed because of illness or lack of time for a longer period, etc... Some of the 10% of department's dividends will go to the vice executive, depending on the amount of participation.

Note that there is no department for testing. Every department is responsible for producing tested "products" (let it be a tested ofbiz instance, or tested firmware, etc...). There are some areas, like

where responsibility is not crystal clear. While this is unavoidable to some degree, adding a "testing" department would spread responsibility further, which would likely have unwanted results.

Some people like Jorgen, Marcell and Emil work in all departments. Thats good, since they can act as a "bridge" (can judge strategy while in infancy) and this helps when mapping workforce to departments. Naturally, people working in more than one department get their shares from each department, according to the administration of each department executive.


I was inconfident about the naming.