notes for [VEMS Audi AAN] (with JPT/55 connector).

For HALL / HALL sensor, a supply voltage is needed. +5V supply is included on JPT55/pin48..

v3.9 AAN HALL / HALL looks like :


The RQ13=0 Ohm (slanted) can be replaced by a small wire.

Bottom side (of bare board, before customized to HALL / HALL), some trigger related components annotated:


In case of any problem (or suspected problem), follow

If a conversion is not success, do NOT apply same to other devices (that would risk causing damage).

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[photos from customer, with partial conversion] - important areas highlighted

Since than:

Triggerlogs review and suggested fixes:

Best regards, Dave

Triggerlog with primary trigger=falling and secondary trigger=falling:


Triggerlog with primary trigger=falling and secondary trigger=rising: