Nissan 'Simple' Trigger Solution

A software trigger solution has been implemented but was abandoned in favor of a 4 slot + 1 sync trigger disk. We have found a company that will laser cut these disks 10 at a time, and the final drawings will be submitted to them around the 10th September 2006. Any interested parties can contact MembersPage/PhatBob for more details, its a great solution for around 10Euros!



It is important to note that this trigger will fit the S13 CA18 CAS using the three locating holes, but that the S14 CAS has no locating holes, instead it uses a flat edge on the central shaft to locate it, in order to make this one trigger fit two types of CAS we cannot have both types, this should not cause a problem because Weston Performance use this type on their SR20 engine.

If there is interest we can run a batch of 6 slot triggers for the 6 cylinder engines (RB/VG etc).



The following config works fine with 1.0.53 on the test bench using simple trigger and cam sync. Some real tests are to follow.