Nissan Timing Wheels

The first cut of replacement timing disks has been done, and is documented VehicleFitment/Nissan/SimpleTrigger

In an attempt to 'normalise' the various Japanese trigger wheels to the 24 pulse (12 pulses per crank revolution) and 'n' sync (0.5, 1, 2...) - as used by Toyota, Honda, Mazda RX7. A candidate for the S13, S14, S15, also Z32, and later engined Skylines has been drawn.


We are going to have to run this trigger type on the Nissan S13 200SX as the Simple trigger will not work (due to an error in my calculation of the slot offsets)

Please advise on the trigger settings for this system currently calculated as being:

The bits I am not sure about are:

Tested with 1.1.18 using the above settings, and it worked fine. OK, great. Can you publish more detailed mcd dump? This would be some hint about the idle air-valve and the warmup enrichment requirements of the intake and engine (tables are too custom-setup-specific anyway, and h[1] and h[2] are already published above).

And now laser cut


It will also be possible to get triggers for the GTiR? SR20, S12 CA18ET, and KA24E which have much larger diameter trigger wheels.

History and Detailed Information

Having looked at the Nissan Silvia and 200SX models (S12, S13 and S14) they all use a cam driven timing wheel with a speed sensor of 2degree resolution and portals of different sizes to denote the current cylinder.


Nissan S14 Coil on plug

Now documented in



Having checked the wiring pins relate to the schematic: