MembersPage/RobertOffner is thinking on a turbo-timer implementation. Note that IRC is not suitable to summarize ideas, and IRC communication is not supported if the extract is not written in wiki.

You can start a 2nd config page (don't forget storage.c to load/save config, and menu.c and comm.c related as well), a few bytes shouldn't hurt. But it would be nice to check stack usage, mdx.. command might be suitable as the whole SRAM is zeroed during startup.

Implementation thoughts

Thinking about


A toggle switch on the relay control line would be simple too.

Marcell remembers that MembersPage/Gabor once implemented a turbo timer (that hasn't been merged to mainstream firmware, not sure if it's been published at all since he had the habit of using telephone instead of wiki and forgetting about taking notes after problem has been solved).

He applied a trick, the ECU had 2 ways to be powered

operation was simple:

If the turbo-timer is not needed, the turbotimer is simply not connected and the ECU is unpowered immediately with the ignition switch turned off.

I think turbotimersecs was wired in (120 secs?), just as the threshold voltage. Gabor said it worked great.

I think that turbotimer relay output was wired in as a p259 output, but even if it's configurable, we have max 2 config variables.