This page is about turbocharged applications

Turbocharging an engine is one of the common reasons for using a tunable engine management system like GenBoard/VerThree.

GenBoard/VerThree can be control fuel, air and ignition on it's own, or it can act as a supplementary fuel controller that only adds fuel when boost comes (the tables can be set up for this very simply).

For ignition, GenBoard/VerThree is normally controls ignition fully on its own, or lets the factory ignition control ignition fully on its own.

Theoretically, with appropriate configuration and tables GenBoard/VerThree could use the ignition output of the factory computer as a trigger, and delay the ignition output according to the map, so ignition is retarded more when boost comes in; however this is not recommended (there is a minimum delay from input to output; and it's better to do the mapping in one well defined table than in two separate boxes).

Fortunately there are huge amounts of info on the web about turbocharging:





Most questions can be looked up or answered here:


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Some pictures about how the oil and watercooling working in the turbochargers. Oil and water inlets, outlets etc..




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