This is a Audi 200/20V with 3b engine.

The follwing modifications have been made:

Turbo: Garret 3071, AR 0,63, 100mm inlet HF

Injector: blue bosch 470ccm

fuel pressure regulator: stock 3b

Ignition: 5 active TFSI coils

compression: 8.6:1

exhaust: RS2 manifold + 3 inch exhaust

A motronic55 install might save some time making a harness, but you must always verify the harness reasonably carefully.

This involves

Documents and files to use

Sensor measurements

Measure sensor resistance against AANpin30.

Take note of the temperature. If the engine is stopped for hours, the coolant and MAT will be close to ambient temperature.

Injector and idle-air output measurements

Measure injector and idle air pins against AANpin37 (that is the flyback pin, same function as EC36pin23 in standard VEMS docs)


Measure that grounds are strongly (max 0.1 Ohm) connected inside the VEMS ECU.

You can measure that most are connected in the harness, but at least AANpin30 (sensor ground) and AANpin48 trigger ground are likely not connected.

Measure that all the above grounds are connected inside the ECU.


This step assumes you successfully made all the above steps.

This needs ignition on.

The secondary trigger crankhome-VR is already reversed. Resistance=...


Measure trigger resistance against AANpin48.

HALL signal

This step assumes you successfully made all the above steps.

WBO2 on SSC4 male standard (not used any longer), SSC5 is default now

WBO2 Rcal

Resistance between pin2 and pin6 of the 6pin WBO2 connector: 103 Ohm has some msq files.

The ignition output channels are suspicios. channel 4 assigned to 2 cylinders.

Az autó tökéletesen működik, ALS, LAUNCH CONTROL beállítva, és egy konzervatív utcai programra hangolva. üdv: Kovács Ákos


Try 1.1.23 instead of 1.1.24 but obviously the recommended config was not uploaded (or changed for the bad):