Step By Step Guide for Software

The intent of this page is to setup the board up with the latest firmware and setting your pc up with the software to start tuning

You will need to download these items into a folder of your choice. I suggest picking one root folder and each download a seperate folder underneath that one so you can find it again.

Now the basics software is installed. Its time to move onto programming the VEMS board!

The version of firmware you downloaded has Marcell's config and tables with it in the ..\firmware\etc\ directory. As a good starting poing to look at the features and practice uploading his config is a good idea. REMEMBER this is for TESTING the uploading method. You will have to configure it for you particular setup.

change directories the firmware directory where you already copied megaloader.exe to
  • type:megaloader.exe vems.hex -twE
  • The response you see should be [insert scrn dump]

Now its time to build your configuration and Tables

After you have edited your config.txt and tables.txt in the \firmware\etc directory to your liking. You can always post them to your personal page on the wiki and have somebody look at it.

change directories the firmware directory

Now that you can make and upload config files what are the basics that you need to get started. (partial list only)

System Definitions

Startup stuff

Engine Running Definitions

Tuning Parameters

Advanced Options