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IonSense - Ion Sensing
GenBoard/Manual/WBSensor - Wide Band O2
GenBoard/Manual/NBSensor - Narrow Band
ManAirPress? - Manifold Air Pressure
ManAirTemp? - Manifold Air Temperature
CoolantTemp? - Coolant Temperature
GenBoard/Manual/InputTrigger - All input trigger topics here
ExhaustGasTemp - Exhaust Gas Temperature
DetonationDetection - Detects pre/unwanted-ignition
MassAirFlow - detects airflow
InCylinderPressure - allows Pressure and Knock meassurement for each cylinder

Easy Therm

Part of the original MegaSquirt Project, that enables you to use different sensors than the standard GM ones. Complete details can be found [here.] It can be downloaded here.] You must be a member of Yahoo Groups to access the MegaSquirt group.

One point that is not explained well is the value of the Bias resistor that is used in Easy Therm, if you look at GenBoard/VerTwo/CircuitDiagrams, sheet 5/6, the 'bias' resistors are R15 and R16 and both 2.49K - which is the Easy Therm default (For v3.x, R9 and R10, a bit to the left from MAP-sensor..)

==== Bosch Motorsports ===

Bosch in Austrailia has a great [1] describing many of thier sensors

These cover a wide variety of topics such as

[Fuel ] injectors
[Ignition ] Modules
[VR ] Sensors
[knock ] sensors
[Temperature ] Sensors
There are other items such as hotwire (MAF sensors) etc.