Hi Everybody.

We're building up III gen supra with 7M-GTE. Forged pistons Ross, Eagle H-beam rods, Holset HX-40 turbocharger, and VeMS? ECU will be used.

We plan to use bi-fuel system, to allow using the car on gasoline, as well as on LPG. Due to this, it's much better to configure system as fully sequential injected. Here I have some doubts with signals from original position sensors, which are located in chamber, where N/A 7M-GE engine has a distributor.

There are three position sensors, all triggered from camshaft. One works with 24-teeth wheel, two (located in opposite sides - 180 deg) work with the same one-tooth wheel. I plan to use 24-teeth sensor as primary trigger, treating it as crankshaft signal from 12-teeth wheel. One of additional sensors may be used as secondary trigger (cam position sensor), but my doubts are - how to arrange missing-tooth signal to inform VEMS, when first piston gains upper dead point? Is grinding off two opposite teeth from 24 correct way?

And how to synchronise it with signal from secondary trigger? Would they take place at the same time, or there should be some degree between crank (missing tooth?) and cam trigger signal?

All advices are welcomed. But please, note, that I don't want to use custom triggering wheel.