GenBoard currently uses two EconoSealIII connectors

ECM connector aspects

For next generation, we're looking for other types (although EC18 and EC36 would work):

Good candidates for future ECMs are



1-480698-9_sm.gif 1-480699-9_sm.gif 79424271-1_sm.gif 1-480700-0_sm.gif
350547-1_sm.gif 350550-1_sm.gif 794272-1_sm.gif 1-480701-0_sm.gif
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Digi-Key Part Number xxx [-xxx-] [-xx-]

Mixed timer - many microtimer and a few junior timer pins from SAAB-Tyco - not as good as it seemed first

These are negotiated to be available. After closer investigation, they don't look as good as first. There are only 2 JPT pins with ignition capable clearance. The footprint is not so much better than EC36 (for EC36 one line is closer to the edge). We cannot justify spending thousands of EUROs (and all the logistics nightmare) for questionable benefits. EC36 is million times better when we decide about flying-loom version (should ArmUfo? be late or something)

There is quite a few receptacles to choose from, but after choosing single piece instead of real+single piece I'm down to 5 types for the Junior-Power-Timer.

The questions we need to ask(junior-power-timer):

Which wire size do we want? For power-junior-timer I'd say even if this will cause us to have two stocked junior-power-timer recaptacles ( for the injector connectors and the WBo2 connector.)

Do we want to use a seal?I'd say that we don't need to seal each wire of the ECU connector.

There is only two isolation sizes, both effectively the same. (2.11-3.11 or 2.0-3.0)''

Which plating do we want? Most likely selective gold plate, all parts is gold plated. Going with selectable gold plating also eliminates the isolation thickness choice and leaves us with one part #

The 1.5-2.5, 2-3mm isolation, non sealed, selective gold plated and single packed Power-Junior-Timer recaptacle is: 2-964346-1 No drawing available at this time.,49176,10250,83080,113538,49193,138778,218&M=PROP&LG=1&I=13&G=G&N=1&IDS=325885

The 0.5-1.0, 1.4-2.31mm isolation, non sealed, selective gold plated + tin plated and single packed Power-Junior-Timer recaptacle is: 927779-9 or 927779-8(spring gold plated too)

The 0.5-1.0, 1.4-2.7mm isolation, sealed, selective gold plated and single packed Power-Junior-Timer recaptacle is: 2-964285-1 No drawing available at this time.,49176,10250,22643,113514,138778,218&M=PROP&LG=1&I=13&G=G&N=1&IDS=325892

The, 1.4-2.1mm isolation, non-sealed, gold plated, single packed Micro-TimerII? receptacle is: 964264-3

Thanx for the hunt! Don't worry, we'll need recepticles for other JPT housings.





2-964285-1 sealed



All the parts are available (on mass-order) for the SAAB42 connector solution. A bit pricey (almost as pricey as the SAAB70, which is not exactly cheap itself) and one part is 12 weeks (another is MOQ=1000), but otherwise OK (higher initial order value than the EC18 + EC36 were together).

Should I order the part now, that ships in 12 weeks?

Can someone look up the related tyco receptacle and round rubber seal part numbers so we can get quote ASAP ? The MPT receptacles too, not the tape but the standalone ones that have superior crimpability.

SAAB70: 60 microtimer + 10 junior power timer pins This is about 103 mm and is a wonderful connector for ECM-to-wire applications. Some of the microtimer pins would be bundled in pairs, because the 10 junior pins is a bit too few. 6 of them is on the left side, 4 is on the right.

[Tyco part numbers]:

For the higher current connection the same connector as currently or other higher density connectors should be evaluated.

The US car manf have started to get together to make and define connectors.


EWCAP standard pins have the following recommended maximum current carrying capacity. Maximum current load may be more or less depending on the specific application and materials used. Use the methods described in SAE/USCAR-2 Specification For Automotive Electrical Connection Systems to determine the specific current carrying capability of the terminal and connection system.

Pin Size Current Capacity

0.64mm 5 Amps

1.5mm 15 Amps

2.8mm 25 Amps

6.35mm 40 Amps

Wire to Wire Connectors

Molex carries a new type of connector

They are called the[ MX150 & MX150L]

Molex describes them as:

''MX150™ and MX150L™ Sealed Connector Systems

Pre-assembled housings and seals provide a rugged connector system with guaranteed superior performance under submersed water conditions.''

Another site of interest is the Molex connectors.

Its a long link.. But sorry about that.

[ Molex connectors]

more bits down at the bottom

[ Selection matrix]

This page shows the selection matrix for the sealed connectors.

This page shows AMP/TYCO std Molex style connector with weatherproofing a tiny bit

[ Universal wxproof connectors]

Here we have some information on Delphi connectors.

[ Main Delphi Connector page]

this is thier main site


PCB to Wire

Wire 2 Wire

Other Options

Cannon plug type connectors

[SOURIAU TRIM TRIO Circular Connectors] look reasonable for the price.

At the top end, [Deutsch] AutoSport connectors are light, durable, and withstand vibration extremely well. Details can be found on the website, but PDF downloads wants a login (no problems registering online though) They are apparently derived from a design for the Eurofighter. Motec uses it on their 880 ECU, and Pectel has them on it's top-of-the-line [T10S ECU]. Easiest way to get AS connectors in low quantities seems to be [Servo] in the UK. Nice company to deal with, but they aren't cheap parts - around 40 Euro in low quanties (with contacts and insertion tools). MOQ is 1 and available next day, unless something really special needs to be produced. A couple of brochures can be found [here]. The tech manual was too large to upload to filethingie.

Amphenol seems to have a line of very similar connectors. Their [FAST] connectors look quite good, but no idea on pricing. Probably somewhere between Mouser and Deutsch?

These circular connectors aren't available in a right-angle PCB mount footprint - only vertical mount. Some other industrial connectors have this same design. It raises the question of weather we need a right-angle connector at all... We can probably get a thinner case profile, better sealing, and more robust connectors by mounting vertically. High voltage/current outputs can have their own low density plug if needed, while regular or sensor IO can be on a higher density plug. The downside is different mounting requirements, and possibly difficult routing on high-density connectors.

I think these circular connectors are perfect as band-aid when more outputs are needed with better than DSUB.. sealing. For main connector we only have EC36, SAAB42 and SAAB70. It is already a nightmare to stock and pay for the connectors, let's not add more connectors unless absolutely necessary (like EGT, maybe knock). Since the SAAB70 is just a tiny bit more expensive than the SAAB42 (and more available), I'd even consider a wider design with easier layout.