Most information and VEMS intellectual property is public. We strongly support educational purposes and aim for the prosperity of mankind.

Note that public != shareware. There are restrictions of what can be used (eg. copied) and how, see GenBoard/Manual/License/WBSensor for example.

However some info needs to be protected :

Why aren't the eagle files fully public?

Because we didn't have any control when eagle files were fully public:


We decided not to support that, but we strongly support anyone who starts cooperative work. Also, profit (that happens if the sales of a board goes up) between designers is shared as: CompenSation/Distribution).

The way to start cooperation is through this wiki:

We have a restricted filearea, anyone (about 15 people at 2004Q3) who starts cooperative work gets access.

Remember that "restricted" area just means that you need to show up some related work and progress, and need to ask to get access: not that it's closed for you. This is very important. Every single member of the VEMs community were outsider once, but it really depends on one if he wants to do tasks that require special access.