Race-Technology DASH2 related notes

In v3 fw the AIM must be enabled (in display settings), and the dash should be configured (perhaps reflashed, or fixed) to show the AIM values.

If in doubt, verify in terminalprogram (in 19200,8n1 by default) that the 5 byte AIM packets are sent correctly.

[race-technology] says "No ECU configuration required.". This is almost true, as AIM is normally enabled in v3 by default, but worths to check (especially if even TPS value does not change on the dash when it's changed in VEMS).

If the AIM stream is enabled in v3 config:


Connection: MIDDLEMAN is probably needed

DIRECT option => will not work (at the best of our current knowledge)

So the only option apparently (currently) is to use middleman AIM stream (sent by VEMS, or other ECU) => middleman => race tech dash. But obviously the middlemen must be configured (perhaps reflashed) to convert the AIM stream to the dash protocol. If lucky, race-tech sent yours with that setup. If not, obviously race-tech can help, and will help to setup (to the best of our knowledge they helped EVERYONE so far, and it took more time earlier/initially, but should be very quick now).

Template request to the supplier of the DASH, or manufacturer of the dash, as they can help to display the AIM stream that is continuously sent via the serial (have you verified in terminalprogram the data coming ?) :

Dear .... ,

Can the (exact model/version/srl ... / ... / ...) dash be configured (possibly after a firmware update) to understand the 5 byte AIM stream (automatically periodically sent by a transmitter) to the dash RS232 RX input, and display the values (TPS, MAP, RPM, CLT, IAT=MAT, ...) ?

VEMS (or other AIM transmitter of the 5 byte periodic AIM stream) => middleman => dash

PLEASE ADD YOUR DETAILS, exact model, serialnr, purchase details, setup (even example of a few hundred bytes of the AIM stream in hex) and whatever you think might help race-technology to understand and solve your issue !

Thank you, ....

OLD info (old investigation)

Some user reported that with the magic (unnecessary) middleman interface with factory race-tech firmware these vars displayed correctly:

Same user reported incorrectly displayed values:

It seems that race-technology, instead of using data from the AIM stream, implemented querying some VEMS runtime-data (for displaying it)

We are investigating the situation:

VEMS-v3 settings:

Original report (Hungarian)

Vettem egy DASH2-s kijelzőt és egy ECU Interface-t hozzá kimondottan VEMS-hez.

Sajnos nem tökéletesen működik. Bizonyos adatokat jól jelez a kijelző, a többit pedig rosszul.

Elvileg az interface használatához

A kapott adatok közül az RPM, a Battery Voltage és a Throttle Percentage helyesen jelenik meg, a többinél teljesen rossz értékek vannak.

KONKRÉT példákat írj, mondjuk 5-10-et, amit meg szeretnél jeleníteni ! Továbbá hogyan jelzi ki rosszul ? 0 ? 2-szer akkora ? 10-szer akkora ? összevissza változik ?

Álló motor esetén az alábbi adatokat jeleníti meg:

Valós 83 foknál 66-ot mutat, ezt a kijelzőn is tudom szoftverből kompenzálni Csak elvileg most azt jeleníti meg amit kap adatot. mutat)

A VEMS 1.1.96 szoftverrel fut.

In v3 fw the AIM must be enabled (in display settings), and the dash should be configured (perhaps reflashed, or fixed) to show the AIM values.