Currently this is a developer page: Out-of-the-blue Perl tuningsoftware uses the same glade and datamap files as MegaTunix ...

as an implementation of the OtherTuningSoftware/CommonInfrastructure

just to make sure noone misses this: Mik commited some nice perl code to CVS (bin/knock_gui_test.pl). Using

he could manage to make a usable multiplatform tuningsoftware skeleton in 1..2 days and about 420 lines. Hats off.

This paves the way for serious improvements to come.

Why perl?

Let's face it: starting in C we usually get it wrong. If we first show ourself in Perl or Java how to do it, the C will be much cleaner and cheaper (because programmers will be ashamed if C implementation is more than 5x longer than in perl - which it would most likely be if it was just written in C from the ground up). The reason is that we tend to omit extremely useful patterns in C that we naturally apply in Perl or Java.

Note that the C is unbeatable when it comes to speed and footprint, so C (MegaTunix) is in no way obsolete or deprecated.Just as usual, we want to allow for easy working prototypes. All the good ideas (after some settlement) implemented in pvtune must finally be ported to MegaTunix.

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