Though I have not verified this, my intuition tells me that vaporized gasoline burns better than atomized liquid gasoline. Consequently, I have put some thought into the problem of developing a fuel delivery system which completely vaporizes gasoline.

Disadvantages of existing methods:

Alternative method: post injection vaporization.

It turns out we can have completely vaporized gasoline without throwing out any of our existing fuel delivery implementation. All we have to do is take advantage of the fact that pressure raises the temperature of vaporisation.

Consider the following boiling point [data] for water:

212 F at 14.69 psia

273.1 F at 44 psia

If our fuel rails carried water at 3 bar, we could safely heat the water in the fuel rail up to about 270 F. When that water leaves the injector nozzle, it will instantly vaporize.

TODO: find similar boiling point table for gasoline


We will need to make the fuel rail a recirculating system and add a heat exhanger which runs engine coolant, along with some sort of computer actuated valve tied to a temperature sensor.