[[Manual: Detailed.Output.Fuel.Operate]]


More than one injection per injector per engine phase

This is a bad idea: injector closing related parameters needs to be configured much more precisely. An injector pulsewidth in the 1 msec range is much (much much) harder to tune well than pulsewidth in 1.5 .. 2 msec. With more than one injection per injector per engine phase getting a smooth idle is next to imposible for big injectors (very powerful engines).

A bank-fire setup that might be useful eg. with EDISIgnition: If you are setup for 4 cylinders in EDIS, then you have 2 timing events for every rotation of the EDIS wheel (still 4 events for every engine phase!!!). This is the waste spark setup. For example, 1 and 4 fire, then 2 and 3 fire. Well since the PIP signal is sent to GenBoard, then we can drive the injection off the position. So at a predetermined angle, we can squirt cylinders 1 and 4 and then 2 and 3.

This bank injecion scheme has always been supported on GenBoard/VerThree: GenBoard/Manual/Config/HwMap (actually, for 2*2 injector setup, it's been always supported on v2 as well). - I guess this is why we are building a manual, because any newcomer (which i really am) doesnt know what it takes to go a particular configuration route

But it is a bad idea to inject that way. Injecting only one injector for every EDIS PIP signal gets rid of the serious disadvantages detailed above.

People are always on the EDIS "kick" because it is a powerful spark supporting over 130hp per cylinder.

(aha, I thought the EDIS kick was the expression for when EDIS falls to its face due to RPM).