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MembersPage/JasonRussell ordered an ECU side female socket for Honda OBD1.

Hopefully we can find a part number so we can make a small adapter-harness so GenBoard/VerThree can be used with the Honda wiring loom.

I think many people fear putting a large system like Genboard into their

daily driver. Being able to plug the factory ECU back in whenever needed

would eliminate these fears. Having a supported wiring loom that we know

works would not be a bad thing either in my opinion. It eliminates

(reduces?) a wiring "oops".

- Comments by Michael -

FYI: I've got a 1992 civic with a 1998 GSR B18C engine in it right now. The engine is running on DSM 450cc injectors at the moment but I have options for the stock ones as well as a set of 550cc and 720cc that can all be used to establish a base map. I am quite busy at the moment but would like to devote some time to this near the end if January. This should give some working cold-start tables as well as good driveability. AEM's plug and play barely starts on most honda engines so it would be nice to provide a stock-like map.

I've looked at the triggering system for honda. There are 3 sensors and they are all VR. There is a single toothed wheel for locating TDC on cylinder 1. This should be our cam signal. There is a 4 toothed wheel for locating TDC on each cylinder. Finally there is a 36 tooth wheel which I believe should be our crank signal.

The PnP? harness can be fabricated with relative ease since OBD connectors are plentiful. Electrically there is also no difference in OBD1 and OBD2. From memory I believe the tooth count on OBD0 cars was 24 instead of 36 but they would need to be counted to be certain. So PnP? can be done for OBD1, OBD2A and OBD2B with different connections and plugs. We will need to make a small sub-harness for the WBO2 sensor. Personally I think it would be cool to build a small adapter board and house this entire thing inside a honda ECU case.