EEC-IV Connector Pin Function Identification

[Fiesta Turbo]
['86 Mustang SVO]
[Mustang A9L]
[Work-in-progress Excel sheet of EEC Pin Functions]

I suggest making an EEC/ directory under files and adding any new stuff there (let's utilize this feature of the new file manager to keep files more organized).

Please use any convenient method, format, scan file to add data, links, etc, periodically I'll transcribe to files, and tidy up the presentation. Present text files are located within files directory.

Ford Vehicle Information Search

We are looking for information, advice/input, especially from European sources:

  • What are the most popular selling models in Europe- (Mondeo /same as Mercury Mistake/ and Ford Focus definitely)
  • EEC code numbers and pinouts-
  • Speciality niche collector models-
  • Popular engines for hotrodding or swapping-
  • What we have access to (people who're doing a GenBoard swap anyway should describe their engines)
Please post Links, info, suggestions below
Your comments will be appreciated