This page is about a common industrial application of GenBoard/VerThree, controlling an electric heatsource for a target temperature profile

GenBoard can do this with very small computation overhead, much clock cycles are left for other tasks. The IO usage is also marginal (1/16 of Analog inputs, 1/32 of digital outputs, 1/2 of InputTrigger channels).

When I have the chips, I'll try to solder InputTrigger/AudiTrigger board with GenBoard/VerThree and a toaster. We have the EGT sensor and amplifier to measure temperature, and I can rectify the 230V with a greatz to make pulsing DC (I don't want to apply a huge cap to get smooth 400V DC). With the LM1815 InputTrigger we can detect the pulsing and switch it with an IGBT (ignition channel) at the right time to give the necessary timeslice for the heater to control heating.

TODO list: