The Map creation wizard is designed to allow a simple step by step production of a Map file. In 10-15 minutes the user should be able to generate a configuration capable of starting and running their car.


This wizard allows you to create an engine configuration. It will query you for a number of details and specifications about your setup and generate a customised configuration.

Engine Info

Select engine info from a pre-determined list or build a custom one. Pre-determined list will contain defaults for that particular engine.

How many cylinders

what is the firing order

bore size & block material for knock setup???

max RPM (for rev limits)

Boosted or NA

BSFC / expected HP

Fuel Setup

TBI, MPFI, staged injection

Size & Type of injectors. Resistance?

details necessary for fuel_req calculation

Ignition Setup

Wasted Spark, Coil per cylinder, distributor

Trigger Setup

Pick from a pre-defined list or allow a "custom" setup where they enter each value manually.

Feature Selection

Knock, IAC, fan, boost control etc

Optional Pages

one page with settings for each feature selected

Fuel Map Generation

Hopefully use a pre-canned RPM/MAP setup. This requires some intelligence to choose these values correctly.

Different profiles for boost and NA engines. Some broad instructions and necessary warnings.

Ignition Map Generation

Determine number of degrees of advance for idle.

Maximum number of degrees advance

Number of degrees retard per PSI of boost.

Generate broad ignition map with necessary warnings. Hopefully we will have some good pre-canned maps for a variety of engines here.

Save the map as a specific filename.