MegatuneSS? is software used for tuning the ignition table on megasquirt with megasquirt'n'spark firmware. You can download it here: http://autos.groups.yahoo.com/group/megasquirtnspark/

Q: How can I make it work with VEMS?

A: Compile the firmware with the following specified in my_make


(be sure MS_COMPATIBILITY not is defined, since this will cancel the effect of MSNS)

Some hints for using the MSNS addon:

MSNS has been tested with a 4 cyl engine, I am not sure if the advance is calculated converted correctly for other than 4 cyl engines (...long story, someone please check how the advance is defined by megasquirt'n'spark - the easiest way is probably to look it up in the MegaTunix source)

I have viewed the Megasquirt and spark program for some time now and how is it working for you? I was looking at the new versions of the software and they have knock sensor monitoring, and dual tables. Are these features going to work on genboard?

yes, they are going to work. Some tweaking will come handy, since GenBoard has real (windowed, multicyl) knock monitoring.