This page discusses on the targetted hardware by OtherTuningSoftware/JTune

These Java devices compete with non-Java devices, particularly


The advantage of Java is portability and lower cost of development. It might justify the slightly higher cost of devices (often with smaller display).


Cellular phones

For example:

I guess that J2ME (J2 Micro Edition) and MDIP 1.0 is our minumum requirement. However, MDIP 1.0 is limited in it's connectivity. Some MDIP 1.0 devices have custom support classes for IO, but it's standardised in MDIP 2.0. J2ME seems to exclude many older PDAs. SuberWaba has a comparison page against other competitors: http://www.superwaba.com.br/en/swxj2me.asp

It might make sense to use a common middle-layer for MDIP (likely cellphones for logging / basic tuning) and SuperWaba or J2ME PDAs for tuning. Either way, we have to stop hacking and start engineering for this to be reliable. ;)

This seem like a very good start:

http://www.ericgiguere.com/j2me/index.html I don't understand the concept yet only spend a few minutes searching for information.

[compare phones]

What are the JAVA API-s that all these support?

Related link: http://www.ericgiguere.com/articles/j2me-core-concepts.html

GUI API links please

Communication API links please

Hardware Emulators

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