This is a developer-page about an experiment that is currently stalled

Users want to try MegaTune, that has improved the most lately.

Why start another tuningsoftware when there is OtherTuningSoftware/JTune ?

We want to use the ideas on OtherTuningSoftware/CommonInfrastructure.

Useability features


We want to make maintenance simple, mostly automatic when new variables are added.


I found that what we started to code is very similar to

We need to decide (ASAP) if it worths to use com.cosy or not.


draw what we had in paper (it's possible from looking at the code and checking how classes refer to each other)

what next

note that it is in the architecture stage, far from useful.

Here's a relevant quote from _Programming Embedded Systems in C and C++ by Michael Barr_:

"The features of C++ that are too expensive for my taste are templates, exceptions, and runtime type identification. All three of these negatively impact code size, and exceptions and runtime type identification also increase execution time"

I agree 100%. The rest was (in his opinion) pretty much OK.

For the code to be easily portable to C

Gentune CVS difficulties, questions

this is an accident, we'll clean up sometime.

The problem is probably that eclipse does not consider the source folder as a java source folder. (is the project a "java project"?)

Delete the project, make a new java project

Now succeed to run Treedemo. I checked out last JTune. I moved JTune/src/org folder to JTune/org folder and now eclipse finds that the JTune folder is the source folder. Elseways I couldn't get eclipse to consider src folder as source folder, no matter I set it in Project properties -> Java build path -> Source -> JTune -> included -> src/. Moving folders from a cvs checkout is not too elegant. Any better solution to force eclipse that src directory is the source directory?

You can import just the directories you need. Also, add libraries to the build path (external library means it is not located under the given project, I keep those under /eclipse/lib/ Eg. I added all downloaded abeans jars so I could start to run them before all compiled well. recently I added the comm.jar from [javax.comm.zip]

use jar tvf command (possibly from script) and google extensively to find classes.

Not that the tab does not point to source here (but build classpath settings).

If you have the CVS plugin for eclipse.org ... that's nice, very good diff-ing (synchronization).

If I modify a file i.e.: Simplewrite.java and I would like to get back to the original CVS version, I do right-click -> Team -> Update... with no effect. So how to update a modified file from cvs repository?

From eclipse (if CVS plugin is there): Team=>Override-update.

From command line delete the file, and run "cvs update -d", it will bring any missing files and directories. Don't forget to say "refresh" in eclipse if you do that (or modify anything under eclipse), otherwise you'll get all kinds of suprising behavior (eg. error when running cvs update).

We expect to merge with OtherTuningSoftware/JTune some time in the future.