BoostControl is relatively simple compared to WideBand or OnlineCourse/VeLearning? implementation

The trick is the very well mappable boost-target.

Actuation implementation

Since the solenoids people kept finding were on/off type with 20..30 Hz max frequency, the original high frequency softpwm implementation had to be changed.

3 parts:

PID tuning

PID parameter tuning of such a system is not trivial.

Pneumatic valve flowbench setup

My tire inflating compressor eats 11..12A from 12V supply, so I had to use a battery for this.


Playing with filling and charging a dry battery

I got a dry Lead-acid battery that I should fill and charge for the experiments. Looking for the sulphuric acid concentration to fill up originally with. I'll have to slowly charge and discharge a few times.