Q: the plan is run a volvo amazon with a volvo 5 cylinder turbo engine. but is it possible to run it bi-fuel. if it is, what set-up shoud i use?

A: Use config table switch feature, to switch between two configs - one for each fuel. This is just a switch between ground and a free analog input.

In theory you could use the fuel density sensor from flex-fuel vehicles, connect it to free analog input and use the anytrim feature to automatically affect the fuel calculation.

Q: ok thats clear but there are only 8 outputs for injectors on the vems ecu. and since the engine is a 5 cylinder it needs 10 injectors to run bi-fuel (lpg and petrol). this means 2 more outputs are required. is this possible or is there an other way to make bi-fuel work?

A: Use five injector outputs, let each drive a gasoline and LPG injector. Use config switching and a switching relay to power the regular gasoline or the LPG injectors.

Check out the LPGandBiFuel and LPGandBiFuel/Switching pages.