Current Project : Hayabusa 1300cc engine

Short description

4 Cylinders

Bore 81mm

Stroke 63mm

4 injectors 24lbs

4 COP spark plugs

VR sensor on Crank

VR sensor on Cam

Modified engine with lots of compression

Progress until now :

Stock wheel on crank has 8 evenly spaced teeth. We have modified this wheel so now it has 24-2 teeth.

The stock injectors are placed under the butterfly, this was modified so the injector are above the throttle bodies.

Do i set setting to port or throttle body?

I am familiar with this kind of tooth wheel.

When i crank the engine with the spark plugs removed, i can adjust the reference as i wish.

When i crank it with the plugs installed, the RPM is so irregular that i cannot get the engine to start, not even with the adv filter.

I've recorded the signal and put it at

The same wheel on a standard engine with normal compression works just fine.

Is it possible to extend the range of the adv filter?

When i strobe the engine with spark plugs installed, i find tdc on 90, whereas the same procedure without spark plugs installed gives 63 degrees.

Ignition timing is way off during cranking.

I can solve this by using 90 reference and offset my sparkmap with 27 degrees.

Wouldnt it be possible to have a negative advance during cranking?

When we pull the car it starts, and everything seems normal.

I have the tables and config but with the filter setup for the standard engine :

15 APRIL 2008 :

Tried to feed the starter with 24V instead of 12V. Cranking rpm goes up to 510 rpm. In this setup engine starts very well. I dont have any trigger errors anymore.

Still i would like to be able to start on 12V. Anyone has any ideas?

High CR Busa's seems to have problem with starting kickback.

One solution (still 24V though)

or more powerfull starter.