New project VW Corrado G60 with Turbocharger T3/T70, forged pistons, H-beam conrods, 870 cc fuel injector


Trigger 60-2

Fiat Punto 60-2 Trigger Wheel

WS Ignition

Ignition Coil F Astra 1.6 16V, it works perfect on 2.50 ms!

The runing software:

The car running wheel with this software but the Turbo T3/T70 is very-very big, it boost later in high RPM (after 6000) and we change to Fiat Coupe 20V turbocharger!

The idle not constant because the sport camshaft!

The turbo pressure is regulated with Vems! ?

Upload the msq file in a zip archive instead of pasting the content here, and with VemsTune you can use the built-in reporting tool in the Help menu