Maybe I misunderstood on phone.

Is this an audi with 24+1 "nissan-like" trigger ?

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And reference teeth:

h[1]=00 12 0C 06 ...

Ignition outputs

4 ignition level outputs needed to fire external ignition amplifiers

See GenBoard/Manual/IgnitionOutput Choose 0,1,4,5 channels which allows the widest set of ECUs (0, 2 or 4 IGBTs) to be used

Firing order is 1,3,4,2 Recommended order (list actually travelled upwards):

h[2]=00 50 10 40 ...

With this ignition output setup, you can

In any case, keep written notes about subsystems in a thin paperbook in the glovebox.

BAD order, do NOT ever think about h[2]=10 20 40 30 !!!

Making a standard is good. But making something standard that is a bad idea for any setup is not good.

Modified setup

If the practical ignout set is not applicable - say ignch4= EC36/11 somehow not firing, use 6,7 instead of 4,5 for that instance, and write in the glovebox paperbook accordingly.

Still, the above recommended ignchannel output order should be the "standard".

Naturally, use 2,3,6,7 instead of 0,1,4,5 when using IGBT power outputs for that type of ignition transformers.


24+1 VR ?

primary ?

VR ?

secondary ?

VR as well ?

If you have 1 camsync pulse, but 2 camsync sensors, say 360 crankdegrees off (as on many nissans), you only need one. Try to mark it.