I've been looking around for a while for a DIY ECU and after reading up on MS i found VEMS and just looking at them both from a bachelor's in electronics point of view, the VEMS used technology is just that much more modern (smd, descent connectors instead of DB type, etc...)

The ECU will have to run a standard stripped 1.8 zetec using GSX-R throttle bodies and all standard sensors(except for the lambda) in closed loop lambda as I have to meet emissions in Belgium. I also would like to run it in wasted spark sequencial injection mode.

How well does the VEMS handle dwell timing for the ignition? Or can i better use a EDIS4?

My shopping list is currently as follows, but it would be nice if someone could confirm.

1x Genboard v3.3

3x clamping plate

1x Alubos EC frontplate

1x Alubos endplate

1x alubos gasket

1x alubos1600

1x econoseal18-PCB

1x econoseal36-PCB

1x econoseal18-Harness

1x econoseal36-Harness

1x Idle stepper motor driver (is this needed?)

4x Ignition driver

1x Ignition driver insulator sheet

8x injector/WBO2 heater driver

1x power flyback (is this the best option?)

1x 250-400kPa MAP sensor 1x MAT sensor

1x Wideband connector

1x Wideband O2 sensor

All this is supposed to run in a SSC [Stylus] by february 2008

We've got one running on that very same car:

Check se7ensport's other emails for a pretty good walk-through of what he experienced going through the install.

Update may-2008

Received the Parts and will start assembly soon. (looking good already)

also the date was really optimistic and if it runs by september I would be happy

Finding the necessary info for assembly isn't easy on here, so I've made a list that helps:



And the unmissable [UsersGuide]