New project VW Golf MK3 VR6 Turbo (6 cyl even-fire)

- forged piston

- 630 cc fuel injectors

- 255L/H fuel pump

- Turbocharger T3/T70

Now istalling the Vems V3.6


The Vems V3.6 is installed

Trigger wheel 60-2

No more modifications on the car!

Here is the running software!

I have a big problem, when we start the car the ignition is ok, I have the sign on the right position! When I throttle after 2000 rpm, the ignition is not good, and I find the sign with 30 degrees more! So I have a difference on it with 30 degrees! And the engine clank very well! I tried all the possibilities but I can't resolve the problem! Everything look likes good! Please help me! Thank you very much