This is an 1.6L 8 valve Lada engine with agressive cam and ITB-s.


ignition outputs

OLD - (régi)

Originally ignition was running with 4

This COP ignition coil has logic-level input with stupid low impedance. The i259 logic-level output can drive one, but we heard rumours that spark is weaker (that shouldn't be the case: either it triggers or not). With 2 COP inputs connected in parallel it didn't fire at all.

The car started with a modified (hacked) firmware that always uses S259 (stepper outputs) for spark. New firmware has this selectable (i259 or S259).

So ignition sequence was: 4,6,4,6 (or maybe 6,4,6,4 ?)


The 2,3 ignition was somehow weak (wet sparkplug). The scope showed signal timing was fine, but one of the stepper-outputs amplitude was smaller - this is weird.

New wiring - (ez az érvényes)

The ignition was changed to a VW/Skoda logiclevel wasted-spark module that worked extremely well on MembersPage/BmwVenesz;

After uploading vanilla 1.0.54 with upload_firmware.bat, ignition sequence must be changed to 0,3,0,3 (or maybe 3,0,3,0 ?)

No other changes should be necessary. - Ezen kívül mást elvileg nem kell beállítani

Check these, and if it does not start, do dumps in TerminalProgram 9600,8n1 (Ha nem megy, akkor terminálban dump-okd ki, és küldd el marcellnek vagy ide tedd fel)