Installing Vems3.3 on a Volvo 244 with a B21ET engine. Taken out the dreadful K-jetronic to get complete control. This car should be competing this year in the Benelux Driftseries.

My name is Jochen aka Brickdrifter and I'm living in Belgium.

Current setup:


Garret T3.60/.63 trim turbo

XS Power intercooler

36-1 trigger wheel with Ford VR sensor

IAT sensor from webshop

Volvo 960 TPS sensor

1.0.45 Firmware

Megatune, no LCD :-)

Raised idle with solenoid

Vems Serial nr.: 547 controls:

- injection (2banks)

- ignition



For MembersPage/PhatBob:

I need more info how to change te value to get 305 to 307 as stated in the MembersPage/PhatBob/UserGuide. More specific, I do not understand this: Starting value is Manmttg99c0F To increase the intergrator time constant reduce the number OE to 00, and vice versa to decrease 10 to 1F.

MembersPage/PhatBob - We're currently testing a new release that has the knock control code properly implemented. As for the different values on the LCD... I have no idea at all :(

Also, can somebody tell us all what all the data means on the different pages? For example I know now that the D en R values have something to do with Noise level from the knocksensor but what is all the rest beside the obvious as Dwell and Adv. This is of interested for everybody, is it not?

I have another problem: I've conected the original tach as on the bottem of Tach works ok till 2800 rpm. Then it just falls down to 0. Could this be due to low dwell time?

Why not connect the tach signal wire directly to Genboard and drive it with one of the p/s/i259 or FET outputs? I know this isn't an answer to your question directly, but would simplify your setup. Tach output is available on r045.

Ok, that would be a solution, how do I do that?

You may need to use a "inductive pullup".. Hans

Attach tach signal to one of the pins listed at GenBoard/Manual/DigitalOut/Table under the "Pin" column. In Megatune go to Extras, Tachometer Output Settings. Use the "Family" and "Number" columns to select the output that corresponds with the EC pin you selected for the tach wire. For example, if I chose EC36-16 for the tach wire, the first Tachometer Channel setting would be P259 and the second setting would be 1. The numbers with the prefix "i" are inverted. Channel "1" and "i1" are the same wire, except "1" pulls to ground and "i1" pulls to 12V. If you are sure the wires are connected to the correct pin and P/S/I 259 output, try to use the inverted channel.

Divide is the calibration so your tach gets the number of pulses per revolution that it expects. My "divide" setting is 8 since the Auto Meter guage I use comes set up for an 8 cylinder. I'm assuming your engine had a distributor from the factory, so it either had a one or four window hall sensor in the distributor. I could be totally wrong on those specs, but try starting with 4 or 1 for your Divide setting.


Ok, the Webshop have send me the parts needed for this.

Had to set de Divider setting to 16 though. Have got no clue why but the tach works ok

Used I259 number6 EC36-pin24.

Q: Were the parts needed for the tach? or did it work with just divider at 16? And, is it the stock Volvo tach you're using?


I've connected signal wire to EC18-pin3 and ground to EC18-pin2.

I don't get ANY reading on Megatune. Tried advancing ignition, spanner on block or even loose sensor and hitting that with a spanner. I'm wondering if the connection is right.


Is there someone who can make some sense out of this knocksensor recording? I would like to know the knock frequency. :-)


Misc1out is used for waterinjection solenoid


Hello there,

Do you have a MSQ file I could look at? I have a similar engine setup and need some basic VE/Spark tables for my setup.

Thank you.


Hello, see above! Sorry it took so long.