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New ECU (v3/10581 AAN with NTC MAT input, oid 10875); config file uploaded as requested in the order comment without any change => config not changed in any way; the LSU4.2/LSU4.9 option was not changed, left at the correct LSU4.2, as LSU4.2 was shipped.

Please note that [ECU with motronic55] (the controller contains the 27k nernstpullup and is compatible with both LSU4.2 and LSU4.9) can be ordered with accessories:

User reported that

Since than user made a new order and purchased LSU4.9 sensor, we included the SSC5-LSU4.9 loom for no extra charge.

Upload ini file - note: VT ini-s must be uptodate

When using new fw (eg. 1.2.31), VT must have all the new ini-s for it (preferrably the latest).

New ECU-s (including AAN) have protection diode on all outputs (not just injector, ignition, stepper, but also including the p259/x outputs incl. p259/0 tachout). The output is within spec (0-14V), and has no adverse effects. Has absolutely no effect when injectors are powered (when fuelpump and engine running).

No high-voltage or anything similar that could damage the dash.

Protection from p259/0 is removed for no extra charge if requested order time, or if ordering [repair-upgrade] but this, by itself, does not qualify as warranty repair.

Injectors=... cc/min, type=... Fuel pressure= ... bar above MAP pressure

I noticed that all my map was too rich

If config was uploaded with newest VT and after Preferences/update ini files from web, and still think it became (very unlikely, many many benchtests and real tests showed: uptodate tools => good result) significantly richer (under similar conditions, eg MAT, CLT), we'll verify and investigate. If possible, point us to ...sec and ...sec time positions with comparable input-vector but more than 1.5% difference in injpw/(MAP*VE*req_fuel * enrichments).

After lotsof time wasted, it turned out the report of not working with "LSU4.9" configured was simply caused by actually using LSU4.2

with bogus LSU4.9 setting for an LSU4.2 sensor, during calibration, it peaked at 255 showing 20.1% O2 in free-air.

Useful measurements - in the rare case if there are problems even if the correct type is configured

  • do you have another sensor (LSU4.9 or LSU4.2)?
  • I have a 4.2 lambda sensor lightly used. If i am to recalibrate should i clean it?
No, any attempt to clean the sensor could possibly damage it.
  • is it possible the sensor was dropped (eg. to concrete floor) ?

Not relevant here, but could be useful in some special cases

lambdatarget (=lambda reading) desired lambda (real lambda)
LR LR, or LR-0.01 below 0.9
0.79 0.78
0.80 0.79
0.81 0.80
0.82 0.81
0.83 0.82
0.84 0.83
0.85 0.84
0.86 0.85
0.87 0.86
0.88 0.87
0.89 0.88
0.90 0.90
0.91 0.91
0.92 0.92
0.93 0.93
0.94 0.94
0.95 0.95
0.96 0.96
0.97 0.97
0.98 0.98
0.99 0.99
1.00 1.00
1.01 1.01

Eg. -0.01 under 0.9 lambda formula (example only!) to compensate the miscalibration.

The key to success is measurements (even if just a few and simple in this case, they are important).

Possible measurements

Besides the measurement, write the SSC5 pin number and the wire color for each pin (and the wire-color at the LSU4 sensor !), and verify connectivity and pin-correctness of the small SSC5-LSU4.9 loom according to the [LSU4.9 pdf].

  • My wiring is as sent from VEMS shop (good pinout for LSU4.2):
SSC5 LSU4.2 color wirecolor inside sensor
1 1 black ...
2 3 thick red ...
3 4 brown ...
4 5 blue ...
5 6 thin red FILL THESE IN

Checked and verified

Wrong for LSU4.9 and correct for LSU4.2 ! See [aan_doc.pdf]

New looms have wires matching Bosch colors, not just the nernst and pump+, but other wires also (eg. yellow for pump-, as in the sensor).

Are you sure ? Is it the new LSU4.9 cable with small WBO2 connector ?

  • It does

Using the provided information i will provide hints on how to proceed.

Log review (Dave) []

my conclusion everything is working as it should, no wideband problems; reviewed all logs

See FileArea (how to upload files). Generic instructions on MembersPage