VolksWagen? VR6 Turbo

I have a 1994 VW Golf MkIII? 2,8 VR6 (AAA engine code).

The goal is 350 Hp

My setup will be:

My vems is:

Ignition firing

The VR6 engine is an even-fire engine with 120 degrees between cylinder events. It uses the same firing order as any in-line 6 cylinder engine, 1-5-3-6-2-4.

The ref tooth table is as suggested 0,40,20,0,40,20 (top to bottom).

Trigger settings

Use the "BMW M20" defaults in the primary trigger dialog to get the correct settings. This engine behaves just like any inline 6 cyl.

Still, use a timing light to verify ignition timing before powering the fuel injectors. Do it again once the engine runs to get a 100% correct value for "TDC after the trigger", use Tools -> Ignition lock and rev the engine a bit.

External links :

Thank's that's usefull information, I am looking forward to the vr6 butterfly control motor support for idle handling.


We have the engine runing, but something seems to be wrong. The engine is starting to knock above 80 kpa and we had to reduce the advance to 5 deg. But now the engine is overheating and don't have power. The engine has 12.5 compression pressure, and we checked the timing with a lamp. We are running on shell racing 98 octane fuel.

I would be thankfull for any hints.

we lowered the compression to 9.4:1 by machining the piston but with the original shape. 80 kpa absolute pressure below atmosheric 1 bar so not even boost. I don't have any idea how this can be good in the factory setup.

The battery voltage is low because the alternator isn't working yet. The ignition cabels are correct. The engine isn't worn out the honing is still recognizable, and without load the engine is smoth and silent.

We benchtested your setup today with multichannel "bitscope" analyzer.We found no mistakes.Ignition and injection channels seem to fire without misfire, at good times.


I will make trigger log next time.

The engine is still knocking at any rpm any lambda any ignition advance without boost. Interesting thing that if the engine has less power it still knocking and if with more power the knocking isn't harder or louder just the same. I'm sure the engine is knocking because if I clean the spark plugs and the engine idles some time they turn brown but if I go for a ride and I hear knocking they turn white. At this time when it's knocking the lambda is always under 1 like 0.9.



Finaly no knock no bad trigger just fine and smooth running.

Thanks for help.