VEMS install on 90 degree V2 Honda engine - essentially an 8 cyl engine where only 2 cyls exist ectually

Firing order 360-90=270 and 360+90=450 degrees

The engine started (with factory trigger 12 on crank and 1 on cam, also called c014 or 24+1)

16-1 on cam - since this engine has a proper gear driven camshaft (not a sloppy belt), the camwheel without crankwheel is perfect.

[Settings] for 16-1 wheel on cam


Triggerlog needed - upload the triggerlog

The triggerlog is important to see distance between primary trigger and secondary trigger. If they are too close, than sometimes the sectrig will come before, sometimes after the given primtrig pulse => the engine will start hard, misfire at certain revs or transients, or not work at all.

90 degree V2 overview

'''Trigger almost 16-1 type HALL jeladóval

While it commands sparks perfectly without sparkplugs, with sparks the RPM-changes are extreme (during cranking):


Please upload the triggerlog (captured with sparkplugs) so we can analyze properly ! From gimp measurements it seems:


  • ??? degrees (15 is best, 10-20 can be acceptable)
  • We want to help by verifying this, that is why the triggerlog is required
  • we assume 15 crankdeg distance here

Proposed config

Ki kell javítani mert nem egyértelmű ! Egy adott ponthoz (általában cyl1 TDC) kell mérni minden eseményt/pulzust főtengely-fokban !

csak hall felül






Ignition outputs maximum 185rpm inditózás közben. Ha a gyertyák benne vannak a motorba akkor trigger erort ir (nincs szikra se)

Passive or active ignition transformers ?

Test config

contact 06 30 276 75 75.

tölstd ki a helyén a kérdéseket (ne az aljára irj, hanem mindent abba a részbe ahova tartozik)