[Unknowen Engine]

MembersPage/DanaScott - Sometimes developer, using Genboard for 2.3L Turbo Ford

MembersPage/JayJames - Mostly Ford oriented, want to learn programming, and very interested in helping with work Dana Scott is pursuing, aka, EEC clone

MembersPage/EricN - trying to figure it all out for use in a gt40 replica.

MembersPage/PatrickB - Building a supercharged 347ci small block Ford on which I wish to run an ion sensing ignition

MembersPage/JeroenBosma - 1973 Ford Escort Mk1 / Duratec I4 2,3l

MembersPage/JamesKlyne - Merkur XR4Ti with an HY35w.

MembersPage/SietzeSchukking - 1989 Ford Scorpio Cosworth V6 4x4, Cosworth V6 Kit Car almost finished, Cosworth V6 Bi-turbo 4x4 Kit Car in study.

MembersPage/RichardChwiendacz - Looking to acquire a VEMS/MSAVR board to replace my current B&G Megasquirt system in my '92 Ford Escort GT Turbo - I would also like to be a solid contributor to the documentation/manual/faq effort.

MembersPage/DanielBriggs??????? - planning to use V3 on an Incon twinturbo 94 mustang GT.

MembersPage/VladoMaliniak? - Ford Escort Cosworth

MembersPage/JamesBaughn - Twin turbo 1999 Mustang with a 5.0L explorer motor.

MembersPage/MaxHofman?????? - Will use a Genboard v3.3 to control a v6 Duratec highly mod. with custom made throttle bodies and manifolds for twin turbo config.

MembersPage/TravisPieper - Ford Big Inline 6 cylinder, a 4.9L 300ci

MembersPage/ZoltanAlmasi - Ford Sierra Cosworth 2wd.

MembersPage/WernerVanLoock - Ford 1.8 zetec on GSX-R ITB's in a [Stylus]

MembersPage/Sapphire - Sierra Cosworth

MembersPage/FiestaTurbo - Ford Fiesta 2.4 turbo

MembersPage/Koskar - Ford Escort Mk4 "RS2000" 2.3

MembersPage/MicaelAman - Locost Seven

MembersPage/FordTiVct - Ford Duratec 1.6 Ti-VCT Sigma4 engine.


MembersPage/MarkBeer - I have a 1976 Chevette HR rally car which is crying out for proper induction and ignition.

MembersPage/TerroRx ? Newbie - planning to use Genboard on a twin turbo chevy 355

Chevrolet LS1 and similar





MembersPage/ArvoJarve - Chevrolet Camaro '79.

MembersPage/JasonPepas - 1967 chevy 292 ci inline 6.

other GM - General Motors

Note that GM often uses Bosch solutions same as in MembersPage/Europe (Saturn=Vauxhal=Opel), MembersPage/BMW, MembersPage/VAG and MembersPage/Volvo

MembersPage/EzDi - Plan Genboard V3 for turbo Saturn w/boost control


MembersPage/MikaPesonen - 1968 Dodge Dart GT

MembersPage/ThorbjornEngdahl/VIPER.V10 - Dodge Viper V10 VEMS

MembersPage/ConnyGranqvist - Charger 1970 Turbo VEMS

Div usort US

MembersPage/ChrisGerhardt - Genboard V3.1 Installed and running on Turbocharged, 408 cid, MPEFI, in Pro Street S-10 Pickup.

MembersPage/RichardOhran - Newbie - Currently running Holley Commander 950 on a 69 Firebird

MembersPage/TobiasGogolin - Jeep CJ7 4.2l-I6 - Developing the GoBox a Ultra Low Consumption / Renewable Energy specialized Motorcontroller type of GenBoard

MembersPage/LonnieCole - Building a Cadillac V8 powered Fiero roadster. Want to run distributor-less ignition PFI and eventually add a turbo.

MembersPage/TrondPedersen - Olds69 with 468 in need of fuel injection

MembersPage/JoakimRĂ??????žed - Newbie. 73 AMC Hornet. Singel turbo 366cid V8. Want to run COP and sequential injection with V3.1.

MembersPage/GenboardFiero - '88 Formula Fiero L67 (3800 SC) Engine swap

MembersPage/BasilDaham-Mostly BMW and VW installs

MembersPage/JakeCederblad - V3.3 Genboard on 1985 Corvette, 350 with supercharger, ethanol, I'm tying to get it working with stock wireing and sensors.

MembersPage/NPCompletePerformance - Developing Plug-and-play kit for Dodge Neon SRT-4 using all stock sensors.

MembersPage/GeneHerron - Will port code to a PIC 18F6722. I already paid for the compiler. Will run the product on a 305 in a 1977 Chevy Caprice classic.

MembersPage/MTRacing - PROJECT OVERVIEW: 1969 Camaro, 417 CID SBC V-8, VEMS v3.3, Full Seq., C.O.P., WBO2, EGT, Knock, LCD

MembersPage/MikeSullivan - 94 Rinker 236 w/Mercruiser 7.4L Bravo1.

MemberPage/Lorden - GM V8 project


MembersPage/RichardLuddeLundin - Blown Cadillac -69