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We're a group of 5 students that are doing our last (third) year on a Swedish High School and we're going to install and use GenBoard v3 on a SAAB 9-5 4-Cyl Turbo.

Since this area is rather new for us we'd be glad if any of you could give us some help and tips.

We're looking after a basic config that could match our projekt.

We're going to proceed this operation on a 4-Cyl SAAB 9-5 Turbo from -99, the car's electrical system is heavy injured by some soft headed youths who came up with the bright idea to fill

the car with wather. Our teacher gave us this assignment in hope that we could solve this.

We will buy the following parts;

LCD4x20 + Keyboard

ASSAMBLED v3.3 Controller

Econoseal 36-harness

Econoseal 18-harness

We have gone trough the VEMS manual and with some progress we discussed the operation.

Basically everyone uses the released firmware from GenBoard/UnderDevelopment/FirmwareChanges.

Only config and tables are different to match the engine setup.

As you might been noticed we're all newbies on this area so we'll be VERY glad if we could recive any kind of help from you.


Find out the trigger as early as possible. While everything is configurable in software, the VR / HALL needs onboard jumpers (actually solder-blobs for better vibration resistance) to be changed, so it's best to find out before ordering.

If you're new take a look at:

And please give us any feedback

Where in sweden are you located? I live in the northern parts, Skellefte√?•.. if you are close enough i could probably help you out a bit.. //Emil Larsson

Thanks Emil Larsson, but our school is located in Stockholm. But we could probably arrange some kind of a net comunication. Maybe by MSN or such, where you can add pictures.


Hello Guys! Me and a couple of classmates at The Elof lindälvs gymnasium in Kungsbacka, Sweden are going to install genboard on a volvo 850t engine. Maybe we could help eachothers a bit on the way. Right now i'm a bit overflowed by information and i don't really know where to start. How far are you with the project?

Hope we can co-operate a bit =)

I just want to ask if you have got any mail adress or number where we can contact you on? We have got some questions.

My e-mail is