Old and solved questions:

A friend of mine want to buy a 3.2, I dont have the time to help him with the soldering so he is probably going to buy an assembled 3.2.

The assembled controller includes

knock sensor interface (1 channel available on EC18 pin3)

EGT sensor interface: not by default, but order AD597AR and ask (in order note) for free install. Also order K-thermocouple connector if you prefer to fit it to the end of flying loom compensational cable.

currently no: ibutton interface

10 TO220 FETs default

8 TO220 IGBTs default

DPAK FETs or IGBTs: on request

Finally soldered the inductor and fuse in on my GenBoard.

Made myself a serial cable and connected it to the board, powered it up with 12 volt and 0.5amp from my power supply.



Nothing shows on bray terminal.

Checked the cable,its ok.

Shorted the rx and tx on the cable and checked the computer side of the connection. It's ok.

Measured 12 volt in and 5 volt out from the voltage regulator, ok

Checked and vcc on the mega128 got 5 volt so the board should have all its power...

Any ideas? What have I done wrong?

- Maybe swapped RX and TX, try swapping them ?

That did it.

Used Robs step by step guide, see now that it is for a female DSUB, while i use a cable and connect it directly to the serial port. the GenBoard/BuildProcedures/SerialPort page cleared it up.


How do you enable both wbo2 sensors?

Suppose I have to configure both individually but cant seem to find anything on how this is done in the wiki/manual.

(Running a v8 with one sensor to each bank)

The same question goes to EGR.

I can't find anything about where to connect sensor #2.

Soldered everything that GenBoard/Manual/WBSensorControllerCompleting stated.

Powered the board up and tried to check Pump Zero DC, its -3.2 volt!

Tried to change this in confix.txt and loaded it up but it's not changing.

Measured +4.05 volt on pump- (pin 7 on the econoseal 18) and 0.803 on pin 9.

Any ideas?

A: by MembersPage/SteenAndersen

Your values in config.txt is way off. I see that you specify


where i have a value of 0xA6. When i adjusted i mesured voltages across nernst cell (pin 13 & 18 in EC18).

wbo2_nernstdc_target=95 -> Vnernst = 0,40V

wbo2_nernstdc_target=E4 -> Vnernst = 0,62V

Your value for


also seem a bit high. I have 0x64 on my board, and it changes approximately by N*0.2Volt. So you should try wbo2_pump_pw_zero=65 or so, and mesure for 0.0Volt across Pump(+) and Pump(-) that pin 7 & 9 on EC18.

Anyway i think you should read the rather long WBO2 configuration process in the html manual, found in

[html manual section 4.2 wbo2] and make your config.txt more complete as step.

Also you can snatch another users config parameters for wbo2 as starting point, as i did. f.i. my parameters so far, that is working in my car is.

  1. ================ EGO enable and WBO2 =============
  2. ==== config13
  3. define ODDFIRE 0 // 0:normal, 1:odd-fire
  4. define O2_WB_SENSOR 1 // 0:narrowband, 1:diy-wb
  5. define CONTROL_STRATEGY 2 // 0:speed-density, 1:alpha-N
  6. define BARO_CORRECTION 3 // 0:off, 1:on


  1. ====================== WBO2 ===========
  2. normal board (UNCONFIRMED VALUES)
  3. wbo2, target Ri (pulse amplitude) [5V/8192]
  4. wbo2_ri_target=96
  5. OPA amplification, g = 270/75 + 1 = 4.6
  6. Vadc = g * (5 - Vnernst)
  7. Vnernst DC at sensor wire = 4.45V # Vnernst DC at adc = 4.6 * (5 - 4.45) = 2.53
  8. nernstdc_target = Vadc / g * 256 = 141 = 0xA6
  9. wbo2, target nernstDC [5V/256]
  10. wbo2_nernstdc_target=A6 ; must be adjusted to sensor.
  11. wbo2 config set by test, see. my history page
  12. Works fine, warmup about 40-60 sec. total, before La:x.xx shows on LCD.








wbo2_calibration=C3 # Measured in free air to 20.95 %o2 reading on LCD.


wbo2_pump_pw_zero=64 # measured for board 182 (3.94V)

wbo2_ri_target=96 # yes i readjusted for Ri=150

wbo2_nernstdc_target=A6 # for 0,45V nernst voltage measured

  1. smaller signal, higher PID values:
  2. Not configured yet
  3. Not sure about what values, just hacked from others.









wbo2_ri_confidence_scale=80 # ????????

Tried to change the values MembersPage/SteenAndersen suggested.

Nothing happens.

Went through wbo2 config in the html manual.

Heater ramp up ok.

4V (pump-) voltage ok

voltage across Pump(+) and Pump(-) not ok

pump(+) is 0.803 volt.

came across the following in the manual:

symptom: measuring constant 4V on Pump(-) and 0.8V on Pump(+), regardless of wbo2_pump_pw_zero.

Problem was WBO2 not enabled in my_make

I followed the instructions in: MembersPage/JohanEriksson/VerThreeFirmForDummies

and downloaded last stable firmware.

I see in my_make of this firmware that only


is enabled.

  3. MY_CONF += -D HEATER=6
are comented out.

should these be enabled to?

isn't the firmware compiled with WBO2 enabled?

When I try to compile the firmware I get the following message:

C:\WinAVR\utils\bin\make.exe: *** [vems.elf] Error 1

rm injconf.o eventqueue.o spi.o ign_logging.o phasesignal.o timing.o benchmark.o

ringbuf.o ignconf.o boostcontrol.o multitooth.o menu.o knock.o


Which probably originates in this:


sh-2.04$ make all

echo "runme from sh shell, win32 cmd is broken, dies with CreateProcess? error"

runme from sh shell, win32 cmd is broken, dies with CreateProcess? error

And no hex file is created.


Isn’t the WBO2 enabled in the compiled version of the firmware?

What does the error message mean and how can I fix it?

Any other ideas on the cause of my problems?

Anyone who can help?

(yes i know this was long)

Answer: by MembersPage/SteenAndersen


Got it working.

The reason for the fault was stupidly easy,

A tiny part of an wire lay between R31 and R32

Missed it the first 5 times i checked the board...

Thanks Steen.

Resistor networks are not needed for v3.2

Resistors networks ( 5 pin, yellow, marked: 5x-1-103 ) are meant for RN1 and RN2. They were in GenBoard/VerThree/RescueKit shipped with v3.2 in the early time

They were optional for v3.0 /v3.1 (check PWMing kit in webshop), but they are not needed for v3.2.

Using high-voltage flyback (note: there is no such thing as "HighZ flyback". High-Z injectors can work with either low-voltage flyback or high-voltage flyback with injector PWM-ing disabled).


I've got v3.1... Are they needed then?

Not necessarily. The R networks are definitely needed for PWM-ing, read GenBoard/VerThree/LowZInjectors . But otherwise the lack of R networks' only negative effect is that the input of FETdrivers are floating (=> might be activated) for a few msec while the AVR boots (before the io ports are initialized). With the R networks populated, and R154=10k pullup (that pulls OC0 to +5V TODO: check this, topofmyhead and it's a bit late ) the input of FETdrivers held high, which means inactive (FETdrivers are inverting).

I'd install them the next time the box is open for some reason.