6 cyl 2jz Toyota with ETC - Norway

Log with the strange behaviour would be of utmost importance. (preferrably with annotations like at ... sec happens ...)

The .vemslog file contains an immense amount of information (especially with 60-2 or 36-2 trigger, even per cylinder behavior). We cannot analyze the engine behavior from hearsay.

Because of the ETC, it is really important to sort this, and overview of the full install/setup is needed.

oid11617 (repair /upgrade).

Project URL provided: no (this was created later to facilitate progress).

On short paper, he requests to test inj and ign (logiclevel) outputs (every input and output passes tests).

At higher output engine does not work OK (maybe leans out ?)

ECU in/out seem to work OK.

HW Testing

We tested the v3/10001 multiple times, and a bit puzzled.

It passes output and input functional tests.

It seems that even if we apply a full gut replacement, it would most likely be no improvement (for the whole setup).

So the whole setup needs review.

We see a config inside, abstract:

We will review the wiring setup carefully (ground, flyback, ... thickness and wire colors would be useful in the same table), and compare with the config we have (or any config or log provided on same thematical page). Log with the strange behaviour would be of utmost importance.

Reviewing ecu vemscfg (not much use without vemslog, or any setup details)

Some ETC misconfiguration present. See [VT ETC help]

Leaning out on high power can be so many other things:

v3/10001 Orig specs


- 1-wire interface: no

- EGT input: 1

- Flyback: HighZ-only 30V flyback

- ignition driver: 2+6

- Knock input channels: 0

- LCD connection: no

- MAP connection: 400 kPa simplenipple

- mounting-style: flanged case

- primary_trigger: EC36/27 VR

- secondary_trigger: EC36/13VR

- Service: normal

- withSDcard: removable

1 x MAT sensor

5 x Bluetooth-RS232 adapter

- With wire: Wired-in 12V Dual USB Power Supp

1 x BridgeOutputDriver?

Orig order request confirms ETC application:

We will probably use all analog inputs here so:

Please configure BridgeOutputDriver? with 2 pushpull + 4 highside drivers.

Please equip VEMS ECU with flying loom connector for BridgeOutputDriver? with 4 highside drivers, and min 3+1 analog inputs on EC18

Log file from problem ->

See 1.54.281 sec in log.

Log file from Dyno ->

I have not had the chance to troubleshoot this myself. This provided information is from talking to customer:

Fuelpump output not working => Car stalls (0 RPM)

Swapped fuelpump relay, same problem. Measured cable connection from relay to ec36 connector (ok). Problem only happens under "ENGINE LOAD".

Bypassed relay with jumper cable in "relay connection", car runs fine.

He also claimed having problems with cyl2 ignition output

Since repeated instrumental measurements show that all inputs and outputs work, it would be of high importance to explicitely name which actual (EC36/...) output(s) are suspected, and what exact measurements lead to the conclusion. If we need to speculate/guess (because report lacks important info), that makes it very difficult to help.

Is it possible to check grounding in harness ?

The ECU / fw happily and precisely drives outputs at 16000 RPM,

Toyota 2JZ ETC is a bit special with only one TPS sensor, and a clutch inside the throttle body, used instead of the safety relay. This is the standard 2jz vvti ETC. ETC works without problems, even though PPS1 and PPS2 are swapped.

Injector latency values are supplied with injectors.

FIC1100cc`s. compensation works good, and tested/compared to voltage drops / disabled alternator and 500W fan.