New Project


1982 Bmw 320


2004 Bmw Z4 M54b30

- 3.0 liter 24 valve 6 cylinders

- Double Vanos

- M3 exhaust header


- How Vems support 2 WBO2 sensors?

- Can I one WBO2 use 3 cylinder control?

Planned in 2008-05, when current works stablises for release

Is is NOT possible to activet the same output channel with 2 features?

For example activate INJFET 7

The two features:

No, it is not currently possible to combine output functions (with AND/OR operators) in software config. However, for any output that pulls to ground, you can connect several output channels. This is called "wired OR" connection.

It means either A or B function activates, the output will be activated. Obviously, the weaker channel must be able to drive the load.