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Some disturbing logs from the opel (2.0 16v turbo), PW value. All other values are fine, including the lamda value is still good 0.72-0.75.


At 3444.65 sec there is +11% Gego (ego correction, added fuel) for 0.15 sec, but the PW seems to be crazy, unrelated to MAP and Ggammae: that PW in the log seems unbelievable. What MegaTune version are you using ?

Tonci's notes (unedited)

I think that that is starting to happen arround 110-130 ve value in ve map so it maybe that injectors are at 100% duty cycle, but this injectors are good for 280-300hp on 1.3-1.5 bar of boost on this engine. Mine is on 1 bar of boost and arround 240-250bhp. Could it be that something is wrong with pwm values in my log file?

Emil's notes

I had a look at the log file, the first thing that caught my eyes is TRIGGER ERRORS all across the screen (using vemslogger)

Taking a closer look at your rpm curve, not stable at all, I suspect swapped polarity trigger or something. Trigger errors are dangerous and can blow engines, so try to fix this first.

About the PW issue, you are running the engine very rich (lambda 0.7!!), i recommend to start from lambda 0.85 instead. Your injectors will last for more boost then

The strange values is that logging PW is higher than 25.5 mS and wraps around to 0 (only in the logs of course, so 2.5 msec means 25.5 + 2.5 = 28 msec).

In the long run, i recommend larger injectors. What flowrate do these have?

//Emil Larsson