Here are the pics of my mini that I plan to inject and ignite with vems V3.1:



Its specs are:

1312cc ohv water cooled engine, garrett T3 turbo, 280°/300° turbo cam, ported head with biger ex. valves, CR 8.2 : 1, intercooler from Pug 405TD. It has arround 130bhp on 0.8 bar boost, with carb and dizzy, and my plan is to get 180ish with 1.2-1.3 bar boost injection and wasted spark ignition.

my config files

Here are mine conf, my make and table files:


I installed 4 injectors from calibra turbo on custom made throttle body, bolted on std. inlet manifold. The reason that I'm going for TB injection is because mini has siamese inlet ports (two cilinders share same inlet port) that are rather hard to inject with multi port injection. It can be done but for now only Rover did it.

Note that charge-robbery still happens if you still have the siamese gizmooo (yes I do)), siamese is horror (yes I know) it's a hard task to get injected with TBI as well.

That is the reason why I am using old inlet manifold. It should dump injector pulses so the engine should see fueling allmost the same like with the carb. Marcel Chichak who did this study: told me that it should be fine as long as there is 10cm's (or more) of inlet pipe between injectors and head.

Config file - injection part:

req_fuel=48 # 1312cc engine with 4 x 304cc/min injectors...7.2 x 10 = 72 = 48

divider=01 # check this.

alternate=03 # 4 injector banks: first 4 elements are used from h[0]

injopen=35 # Mik's value

battfac=24 # Mik's value

injocfuel=00 # review GenBoard/Manual/Config/InjectorOpening

injpwm=64 # Mik's value

injpwmt=FF # Mik's value

injpwm6=1C # Mik's value

(h[0] table below)

See GenBoard/Manual/Config/InjectorOpening for injopen, battfac and injocfuel


I use 2 wasted spark coils from EDIS system and drive them with Genboard V3.1.

Config file - ignition part:

ign_tdcdelay=B4 #180 x 0.5 = 90°...TDC is 90° after trigger tooth; first see trigger_tooth below

ign_dwell14=1F #Dave's value

ign_dwell6=58 #Dave's value

ign_crank_advance=28 #40 x 0.25 = 10° when crancking

ign_out=70 #dummy ignition

ignchmax=01 #fire IGBT1 and IGBT2

h[2] table:

h[2] = 02 03 00 00 00 00 00 00

I need to add this in my_make:


Questions & answers:

Q: Where can I find info about the dwell requirements of Ford EDIS system coil?

A: why isn't this question on the relevant EDIS page ?

Q: How can measuring resistance of coil help with determing dwell requirements for coil?

A: resistance is not enough by itself (maybe for a ballpark), see DummyIgnition on how the current consumption can be used to raise dwell (starting from safe 1msec) precisely to any desired spark energy.

Measuring inductivity gives more info.


Custom steel 36-1 trigger wheel mounted on crank with ford VR sensor(from EDIS setup)

Here is the pic of my trigger wheel that I did it on my pulley:

I removed one teeth that is 90° BTDC of cyl No1.


Config file - trigger part:

primary_trigger=01 #bit2: no filtering, bit1: toothwheel, bit0: rising edge (much better!)

secondary_trigger=FF #not used

tooth_wheel=23 #35 teeth between the missing tooth

trigger_tooth=01 # 00 means first tooth afther missing tooth that is 90 BTDC of cyl No 1; I'd set it later, eg. 01 (=80 BTDC ; or even 02 which is 70 deg BTDC) and make ign_tdcdelay match

another_trigger_tooth=12 # trigger again on tooth 18 (dec) further than trigger_tooth

crank_minper=50 #lower this to 50 (although only relevant for very high RPM)

tooth_wheel_twidth1=0A # for a 36 tooth wheel this is 360 / 36 = 10 degrees

tooth_wheel_twidth2=0A # 36 - 1 wheel so = tooth_wheel_twidth1 = 10 degrees

cam_sync_r_edge_phase=ff #not used

cam_sync_f_edge_phase=ff #not used

reset_engphase_after=ff #not used


Here is my wiring diagram:


And here is FETs and IGBTs layout:


Here is my injector drivers setup for layout from pic:

config.alternate = 03

h[0] = 01 02 04 08 00 00 00 00

h[1] = FF 00 00 00 00 00 00 00

and here is ignition setup:

config.ignchmax = 01

h[2] = 02 03 00 00 00 00 00 00

Questions & answers: