We start a new project for our customer.

It is a naturaly aspirated VW Lupo 1,4 16V with head from 1,6 16V GTi with Variable Valve Timing on intake camshaft and with 4 butterfly intake manifold.

Engine specifications:

Engine sensors specifications:

- Crankshaft sensor (Trigger 1) = HALL - Bosch 0 261 210 214 (3pins) 60-2 teeth on wheel near flywheel


- Camshaft sensor (Trigger 2) = HALL VW: 030907601C (3pins)


Please try to find out the position of the camshaft pulses

- Throttle position sensor (TPS) = Bosch 0 280 122 001 : 9000-27000 Ohm (3pins), Total resistance: cca 2 kOhm


- Coolant temp. sensor (CTS)= VW: 059919501A (4pins)


- Intake air temp. sensor (IAT)with MAP sensor = VW: 03D906051 (we want to use only 2 pins from this sensor for sensing only IAT)


- O2 sensor = WBO2 Bosch (LSU 4.2) - original (stock) part

- Knock sensor = Bosch original (stock) part (maybe we don't use it)

- EGT sensing with VEMS EGT sensor

Actuators and active members:

- Ignition coil (with ign. module) = VW: 032905106B (B/D/E) = EPS 1.990.420


- Injectors: Weber IWP 091, Resistance: 14,8 Ohm , Flow = ???

- Idle valve = NO

- VVT (also called Vanos) Valve (or Camshaft control valve) = VW: 036906455A, Impedance=??? (can be measured in future), Supply voltage=???? (can be measured in future) Opening characteristics and maps = ??? (Please help if you can!!!)

- LCD out: standard VEMS LCD (probably big blue)

VEMS ECU Configuration (please, check or make corrections!!):

Assembled v3.6 controller

- Injection: 30V flyback (please check, if it is good configuration for this injectors!!!) (we dont need PWM-ing because injectors are small)

- Type of MAP sensor: External (maybe we use it only for corrections in different height above sea lever)

- Trigger 1 type: HALL

- Trigger 2 tape: HALL

- Holding screws(2x M6): YES

- i-Button: NO

- SD card: NO

- Knock sensor input: 1x

- EGT input: 1x

- Ignition outputs: 4x IGBT + 4x digital

- Connector for PS/2: NO

- LCD Output: YES

Potential problems and questions:

- Because of 4 butterfly manifold we think about Alpha-N strategy, maybe with correction of height above sea level (or do you think, speed-density will be better????).

- Engine has on Intake camshaft Variable Valve Timing system with continuously change of the camshaft opening angle, (it looks, it's similar to Alfa Romeo "Variator system" on their newer Twin Spark engines). Do you have experience with this system? What setting of ECU do you like for command this VVT technology??? If i look on VVT strategies in VemsTune, i couldn't find something similar to this system. It is possible to use Idle air control strategy??? Can you help me with this problem??? P.S.: in future, we try to read maps from original ECU, but we think, the camshaft angle will be depend on rpm and MAP (or throttle position).