Short description of the project I'm working on.

I'm getting ready to order soon.

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not needed if runing wasted
  • Ill fabricate that. I have a pickup.

Target features:

only the very early coils were bad. From all the reading I have done. there was a bad lot of coil a long time ago and it was a different type of coil the type with the mounting holes. and even that type was recalled and there is new types out now. I run wasted with the VAG and the spark is a lot stronger then the acell wasted coil I have on my spider

The new VAG also have a auto time-out so if they are driven for too long it will not hurt them.

Either type of coil will work great but I hate to see the VAG dismissed due to a bad batch on a different coil. All the new VAG cars ship with the new coils if they were that bad it would sink VAG

  • What about the GM LS1-LS6 style coil packs? I havent found specs yet but its another easy fit. I trying to get away from long sparkplug wires on the V6.

Assembled v3.3 controller


VEMS parts to be ordered with control

ECU Pin Assignments
Function Econoseal Pin
Sensor power 5V EC36-28
Sensor ground EC36-26
Power ground EC36-5 batt-gnd
Power ground EC36-21 batt-gnd
Power ground EC36-22 batt-gnd
Power ground EC36-32 batt-gnd
Flyback EC36-23 (Injector return)
injector 1 EC36-7 (Injector A)
injector 2 EC36-19 (Injector B)
injector 3 EC36-8 (Injector C)
injector 4 EC36-20 (Injector D)
injector 5 EC36-9 (Injector E)
injector 6 EC36-18 (Injector F)
CLT EC36-14 (CLT Coolant Temp)
IAT EC36-2 (Intake Air Temp)
TPS EC36-1 (TPS signal)
TPS 5v EC36-29 (TPS +5v)
IAC PWM EC *******
Crank sensor (vr) EC36-27
Cam sensor (vr) EC18-13
coil1 EC36-35 (Coil #1)
coil2 EC36-33 (Coil #2)
coil3 EC36-34 (Coil #3)
coil4 EC36-36 (Coil #4)
coil5 EC36-11 (Coil #5)
coil6 EC36-12 (Coil #6)
Fuel Pump Relay EC36-15
Fan Relay EC36-16
Control Relays (2) EC36-30 (Injector/Coil Pwr)
knock signal A EC18-2
knock signal B EC18-3
MAP (offboard) EC18-6
nernst_cell EC18-13
heater - EC18-18
pump - EC18-7
pump + EC18-9